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Welcome to John O'Connor Funeral Directors - Our website is currently being redesigned.


John O'Connor Funeral Directors is a two generation family firm catering to both families and individuals alike. With our roots in Stirlingshire we can serve you by facilitating all of the many problems that arise, especially with a sudden bereavement. It is at times of high stress when the family of John O'Connor is there to wrap it's professional arms around those who grieve. Our concern is your care; your comfort and your satisfaction in knowing that your trust in our firm is well placed and you will find that we have a meticulous concern for the small details that only the bereaved would notice. Because of our association with Golden Charter Funeral Plans we can offer you several options where funerals become affordable to everyone.

We are always on call by telephone, email and during ordinary business hours at our premises in Camelon. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time of the day or night because we can also arrange to visit you in your home. The family of John O'Connor is here to provide strength and comfort to your family in its greatest hour of need. Detailed estimates always provided upon request.


Our website is currently being redesigned

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Tel: 01324 637722

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